Account books

Statement of the accounting records, ordered chronologically, including turnovers and balances, the list of assets and liabilities of the company is referred to collectively as the name of the accounts. Their conduct must be carried out at the premises of the individual, the Polish zloty and Polish. PROFIN accounting office Bialystok, in accordance with the law.

Tax books

To conduct this type of accounting books are obliged both individuals who have income from non-agricultural activities and selected general principles or a flat tax as a form of taxation, as well as civil partnerships and individuals, partnerships. Our accounting office in Bialystok carry out such services reliably, on time.

Keeping a record settlement

We provide keeping records in accordance with the regulations, which means creating a full record with regard to required amounts and data necessary to determine the subject and the tax base, the tax payable and the amount charged at the tax-lowering total value, as well as the amount to be paid into the Tax Office or refunded to the Authority.

Preparation of reports

Our accounting is responsible for the preparation of not only reports but also the annual declarations. We also undertake to transmit the dossier to the relevant institutions. We realize this type of service in accordance with applicable accounting regulations. We use electronic means during transmission of documents ZUS.

Preparation of payroll

People have employees are obliged to settlements with the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution. They are obliged to monthly calculation of premiums for income tax from individuals on staff employed and the calculation of contributions to the pension, disability pension.

Tax Accounting

Our accounting office undertakes the PROFIN accounting services involving the settlement of income tax of employees. We implement the provision adopted in accordance with the two-stage settlement. Deduction of withholding during the year on account of the Tax Office on a monthly basis and we make appropriate declarations monthly income tax on the total amount paid in wages.

Bookkeeping (full accounting)
- Run accounts on the basis of the information and documents provided by the Client,
- We prepare in cooperation with the customer chart of accounts that will meet the requirements of the Act of 29 September 1994. Accounting,
- Providing our services accounting prepare annual financial statements that are prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 September 1994. Accounting,
- Group prepare periodic reports in accordance with the standards adopted by your company,
- Prepare a calculation of monthly or quarterly basis and advance corporate tax,
- Prepare the annual declarations of income tax from legal persons
- Prepare monthly or quarterly VAT declarations.
- We deliver these declarations to appropriate authorities in the applicable dates
- Create statistical reports for the bodies of state administration (GUS), or NBP, and prepare other settlements and declarations to the tax authorities, if required,
- Responsible for accounting also liaise with tax authorities.

Keeping records of income tax expenditures (KPiR)
- We KPiR based on the information and documents provided by the Client,
- Group prepare periodic reports in accordance with the guidelines and standards of your company.
- Prepare the annual information on income or loss from non-agricultural economic activities,
- We make calculations of monthly or quarterly basis, as well as advances on income tax from individuals,
- Prepare the annual income tax returns from individuals,
- Prepare monthly or quarterly VAT declarations,
- We are providing our accounting services we deliver these statements to the relevant authorities within the time limits,
- Prepare statistical reports for the bodies of state administration (GUS), the Polish National Bank, as well as prepare other settlements and declarations to the tax authorities.
Forma prowadzenia ksiąg jest ustalana w zależności od potrzeb Klienta: prowadzenie ksiąg w biurze PROFIN – zapewniamy własny system finansowo- księgowy, prowadzenie ksiąg z wykorzystaniem systemu komputerowego Klienta, wprowadzanie dokumentów odbywa się w siedzibie firmy PROFIN poprzez połączenie internetowe, przejęcie obowiązków i odpowiedzialności Głównego Księgowego z wykorzystaniem działu księgowego funkcjonującego w firmie Klienta

Active business support

With the help of financial reporting and accounting you can plan revenues and expenses, plan and control costs and set budget for the entire organization. Thanks to that accounting data is collected on a regular basis, you can analyze them at any time. We act according to international financial reporting standards. Their aim is to ensure that compare the financial statements of organizations operating in different countries. This is important especially now, in the era of globalization, when investors make decisions to invest in a particular company are based mainly on published its financial data.

Controlling and Financial Advice

We provide assistance and advice in obtaining grants for new businesses and economic history. You can also reach us for EU money to start a business. Feel free to contact our advisor grant. Our specialists will explain what conditions must be met in order to actively participate in the process of applying for EU funds.

Reimbursement of VAT in the construction industry

You build or renovate a home? Or you finish renovating apartment? You are entitled to reimbursement of VAT on invoices for the purchase of building materials. We help assemble and fill in the necessary documents. Our service covers all residential investments made after May 1, 2004 and current.  

- Preparation of payroll for employees in the company Principal under an employment contract;
- Preparation of transfers employees' salaries, transfers to income tax and Social Security;
- Preparation of certificates of salary for employees;
- The declaration of income for workers;
- Drafting commission contracts and contracts for work - at a specific client standard;
- Preparation of account statements and monthly reports to Social Security roll;
- Preparation of the monthly report for the employee;
- Preparation of declarations notification to insure newly hired employee and to make corrections of notification;
- Keeping personal files;
- Drafting employment certificates, penalties, reprimands, speaking contracts;
- Keeping records of vacation;
- Preparing data for salary transfers; - Payroll accounts into accounts (by. Stable system) ;
- Printing of certificates of wages (gross, net) ;
- Generating PIT11.PIT40 (in accordance with the model set by the Ministry of Finance on the basis of printed matter issued by the US
- Participate in the checks PIP Social Insurance Institution and UKS
- Health and safety services

Keeping Records Lump Sum
- Ensuring reliable accounting records we revenues based on data and documents provided by the Client,
- Prepare periodic reports group whereas standards achieved by our customers,
- We make calculations of monthly or quarterly basis and advance income tax from individuals,
- Prepare the annual information on the amount of revenue arising from non-agricultural activities,
- Prepare the annual income tax returns from individuals,
- Prepare monthly or quarterly VAT returns,
- Timely deliver these declarations to the authorities,
- We perform statistical reports for the bodies of state administration (GUS), the NBP and prepare other settlements and declarations to the tax authorities.

On additional Client's request:
- We verify the accuracy of documents submitted ZUS before the signing of the cooperation agreement
- Making the appropriate corrective documents in the event of irregularities

W ramach świadczonych usług prowadzenia Ksiąg Rachunkowych zobowiązujemy się do: oceny dokumentów księgowych w świetle prawa rachunkowego i podatkowego oraz decydowanie o sposobie ich ujęcia w Księdze ewidencjonowania w Księgach Rachunkowych zdarzeń gospodarczych – prowadzenie ewidencji analitycznej i syntetycznej sporządzania sprawozdań statystycznychsporządzania sprawozdań finansowych ustalania wysokości zaliczek na podatek dochodowy, sporządzanie zeznania rocznego na podstawie danych wynikających z zapisów w Księdze i niezbędnych informacji dostarczonych przez Klienta ustalania wysokości zobowiązań w podatku VAT oraz wypełnianie w imieniu Zleceniodawcy miesięcznych deklaracji VAT informowania Zleceniodawcy o ewidencjach księgowych i urządzeniach rejestrujących, które Zleceniodawca obowiązany jest zainstalować, bądź prowadzić samodzielnie w miejscu wykonywania działalności dostarczania niezbędnych informacji